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Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS)

Advanced Medical Solutions is a world-leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative tissue-healing technologies. Advanced Medical Solutions incorporates two Business Units - Surgical and Wound Care. Each Business Unit focuses on a different strategic route to market with responsibility for several brands.

The Surgical Business Unit has direct sales teams operating around the world, each with responsibility for the sales and marketing activity within their regions. Having numerous brands and sales teams placed in different locations around the world created many challenges for AMS in the management and distribution of sales materials and branded content.

The Lumisi Digital Brand Hub allows the Surgical team to collaborate and manage marketing content instantly and securely via the web-based system. Using a secure log in process and bespoke user roles, the Digital Brand Hub allows them to view and manage their branded content, ensuring everything is up to date and relevant for their sales teams to access to help facilitate business growth.

Sales Content Management Tool

The Lumisi Digital Brand Hub provides an end-to-end platform for the online storage of all digital assets and marketing content. It allows the Surgical Business Unit of AMS to centralise content, ensuring only relevant and up-to-date materials are available to sales teams. With unique user roles and secure online access, the global sales team can instantly access branded content in readiness for sales meetings and presentations.

Digital asset storage is just one aspect of the Digital Brand Hub solution. It not only frees up valuable system storage space but also ensures that any out-of-date content is removed and replaced, ensuring the sales team is aligned and using the most accurate and relevant marketing content. This was particularly essential for the AMS Surgical team, which has sales teams located all over the world.

Digital Brand Hub also provides AMS with a sales tool to efficiently deliver their marketing content to the relevant teams within their organisation. Avoiding the need for inefficient and costly methods of distribution, remote teams can view and collaborate on branded content in real-time, to help improve sales and marketing efficiency and productivity.

Making sure you are always on brand

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Surgical Business Unit of AMS was the consistency of its sales materials and marketing content. Often, the branded content used in sales pitches was vastly different between teams, and in some cases, out-of-date branding and imagery used.

The Lumisi Digital Brand Hub ensures everyone is on the same page. By centralising content, Advanced Medical Solutions can maintain visibility and control over marketing content and brand standards as well as bring their international teams together.

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