Slater + Gordon Events Material Fulfilment

Centralised Event Management System

Slater + Gordon is one of the UK’s largest law firms, with teams operating across England, Scotland and Wales. Lumisi has supported Slater + Gordon with its logistic requirements for more than ten years and more recently, by utilising Lumisi’s Events Brand Hub.

With exhibitions and conferences forming an essential part of its marketing strategy, Slater + Gordon approached Lumisi for support for their events fulfilment needs using the Lumisi Events Brand Hub.

The Lumisi Events Brand Hub provides Slater + Gordon full visibility of their marketing and exhibition materials, allowing them to call upon items as required to support their events. Slater + Gordon has been part of the Brand Hub development process from its inception. Their valuable feedback ensured that the web-based system fully met their requirements, providing a full-service online portal that would help them manage and maximise their marketing collateral.

Centralised Event Management System

Lumisi’s Events Brand Hub provides a centralised management system that allows Slater + Gordon to view and manage their marketing collateral and events materials in real time. All available items, including promotional materials and pop-up stands are available to call upon, with accurate stock count and condition reports available.

After each event, Lumisi arranges collection, and the marketing materials are returned to our secure storage facility ready for the next event. The benefit of having complete visibility of items on hand, means that Slater + Gordon holds only what they need and avoids ordering and storing unnecessary items. It also frees up valuable office space across their locations around the UK, where marketing materials risk damage and duplication.

Event storage and stock management

Slater + Gordon’s branded collateral and events materials are held securely in our in-house storage facility. Our central location provides convenient access to UK transport links and ensures we can access competitive shipping rates from our logistics suppliers.

With just one point of contact at Lumisi, Slater + Gordon can call upon their marketing collateral using the online inventory system. The Lumisi Events team will then pick, pack and arrange shipment of the items to the chosen destination. With Lumisi looking after the paperwork and liaising with the couriers and event venue, Slater + Gordon can focus on the event itself.

Maximise marketing collateral and control costs

Utilising the Lumisi Events Brand Hub allows Slater + Gordon to stay in control of their event costs. Each time an event is arranged, item costs are displayed in the online system, allowing Slater + Gordon to view the total cost of items for their event. Thanks to stock alerts, there is never a risk of running out of vital promotional items before an event or over-ordering, helping to keep a handle on costs.

And it’s not just the cost of materials that are kept in check. With more than 20 years of logistics experience, the Lumisi Events team will also ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution is found for the event shipping and logistics.

More About Slater + Gordon

Slater + Gordon is an award-winning national consumer law firm. They are one of the largest firms in the UK with a team of solicitors in locations across England, Scotland and Wales. With over 90 years’ experience, they provide specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas including personal injury, conveyancing, family law and wills and probate.

Slater + Gordon exhibit at numerous conferences around the country all year round, not to mention sponsoring charity events and attending careers events at Universities and Colleges.

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Our Event Fulfilment team also work closely with the Creative team at Lumisi, designing and printing pull-ups banners, stretch stands, pop-up stands as well as all necessary literature and promotional materials our client needs for their events.


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